Toilet Culture in every country

The toilet is a basic commodity in a house since it is a natural reflex to release oneself. Different countries have different toilet ideas depending on the level of technology and industrialization. Modern toilets (flush toilets, associated with self-contained houses) are just like an when using indoor tankless heater and stainless-steel faucets,  require a constant water system and water supply in the house. Not all countries have supplied is water in their homes especially in rural areas. The urban areas are also categorized into urban rich and the urban poor. The urban rich have a luxurious life with a supply of electricity and water supply. The urban poor has pit latrines which are just a hole dug and walls erected on the sides of the enclosure and a roof.

 Pit latrines are a common phenomenon in the African countries, because of poor sanitation policies’ inadequate water supply; low level of technology and industrialization as well as enhanced poverty levels. A house that has flush toilets is considered among household which lives above the poverty line. Portable toilets are even a new technology only found among Blue Chip corporate events and are very expensive. The type of housing for renting also are based on the type of toilets(Check this out), self-contained houses with flush toilets and a bathroom within the house are expensive compared to houses without. In this part of the world, your income level determines the area of stay and the type of housing.

Flush toilets require a functional sewer system or a septic tank which is also costly. You realize estates are also classified according to access to sanitation facilities. In very extreme cases, there are no toilets at all. Instead, they use natural vegetation as their place to excrete. The slum areas use “flying toilets” what is this? You help yourself in a plastic paper bag and dispose of in dustbins and dumpsites.

Donors, well-wishers and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) use the sanitation problems and challenges to help them through awareness creation and building of sanitation facilities for the community.

In emerging nations -like China, South Korea among others and developed countries like Europe and the United States of America relate pit latrine to the extremely poor and pre-colonial facilities. This is because of their developed economy and high level of sanitation facilities because of good will of the government and constructive politics and leadership with the needs of the citizens as their main agenda.

Toilets ideas for different countries depend on the following factors

  • Sanitation policies and regulations
  • Economic growth and development of the country
  • The type of leaders
  • The level of exposure of the citizens
  • The will of the leaders of the day and their individual policies concerning the needs of their citizens

When the leadership of a country has citizens interest without self-interest then flush toilets will be a right for every household. The pit latrines are cheap and easy to manage compared to flush toilets. Most of the homes in the African continent build a pit latrine as they plan on working on a septic tank or building a drainage for a server system because they move in the houses as long as they are habitable to save on rent. They furnish the house while already living in the home.


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