Use of a Table Saw for Cultural Development

A table saw is a woodwork equipment from the pre-colonial times but still has relevance in the modern world. Despite the innovation of electronic plane saws, the culture of table saw will not fade anytime soon. Since it is manual woodwork equipment, you gather woodworking materials that you need before you commence the work, because of the cumbersome nature of its operations. The industrial development and advanced technology can be a hindrance to old woodwork tools and equipment, when you still find table saws in stores, it means there is demand for the products. This is a clear indicator of enhanced cultural growth among its users.

Ignorance may term shopping for a manual splitter a futile exercise. Social and cultural development dictates incorporation of old woodwork technologies to the new system that is why there is the modification of manual splitters in the new technological era. Manual splitter is an improved version of an old table saw developed to meet the demand for massive log cutting needs for commercial purposes. Remember, the table saw only hands a few tons of wood cutting and the user could not handle bulk work. When a woodwork workshop requires wood as a raw material for furniture, it could be an order for schools, it is either you buy more table saws and employ more people or get a better version of a table saw to handle the woodwork project. The latter was the best option; manual splitter had four advantages

  • They are convenient
  • Can split logs of up to 10 tons
  • The sharp blade cuts hardwood which is great demand
  • It’s portable to the site where the logs are to avoid cumbersome transport requirements.
  • They are efficient for long log cuts

Yes, you have the logs cut into wood using the manual splitters, you need to make frames which should be accurate to fit in standard doors and even beds. Miter saws play a significant role at this point, to ensure the wood are cut across with accurate measurements for specific woodwork purposes. It is still a type of table saw but for cross-cutting needs, once the logs are changed to wood (raw material for woodwork functions), check this


Miter saws have a blade which can be tilted at different angles and also designed such that a user can view the line drawn for cutting. When you see a rounded table saw and wonder which table saw was used for this, the secret is miter saw.


There are numerous table saws developed from the 19th century to accommodate the increased market for woodwork equipment. Although most of them are manually operated, there is a guarantee of accuracy when the user understands its usage and art.


Currently, the automated lathe machines, grooving machines, and planning machines is a continuity of the culture of old table saws, the only difference is the source of power to run the machine. Where are trees grown, in the forest, can you have electricity supply in the area? No, that means tables saws is a culture that will not end anytime soon. In fact, manufacturers develop table saws with both the manual and electronic version for dual functionality.

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