About us

We are a site providing educational content for artists to invest their hard=earned money to have resources even in their old age.

We open the Arabian plate to the global view of other things they can do apart from overdependence on oil proceeds.

We highlight cultural developments that open their world to the art market. Moreover, we bring on board curators, artists, architectures, collectors, and cultural artists to integrate their projects for a win-win deal among the professionals.

We identify the talent as young as they show interest through various school club programs to place them in the right creative art schools to nurture their maximum potential.

Call us creative artist managers; we are the power behind the artists’ financial, social, and spiritual development.

We guide and direct them to the right economic paths to becoming valuable to even when they lose relevance.

We don’t allow them to reach such levels; we are the strategic team behind outsourcing and researching emerging trends for practical and workable solutions to minimize irrelevance in the industry.

We provide the right advice and go a step further to engage in partnership programs with like-minded individuals to provide training based on the new creative industry trends.

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