Arabian Artworks For Ping Pong Paddles

January 13, 2019


The table tennis game is popularly played since the past generation, and has since then till now maintained its high competition amongst other sports and has amassed a countless number of players over the years. The Tennis game may not be so significant after all without its racket’ also known as the “paddle” or simply the ping pong paddle, which is normally used by players of the tennis game. The Ping pong paddle is usually carved out from laminated wood layered with rubber on either of both sides of the player’s grip.

In recent years, the ping pong paddles have advanced in style and trend and manufacturers now produce stylish and highly customizable ping pong paddles to make the tennis game all the more fancy, fun, artsy and interesting to play. You would even see years ago in films some bruce lee ping pong snopes. One of these customizable ping pong paddles adapted by manufacturers would be painted with Arabian artworks. In the light of patriotism and fascination of the Arab culture and landscape, and its sedentary people, the tennis racket is customized. We have helped with a list of some of the Arabian artworks that can be a great choice of painting to make ping pong paddle artsy. These choices will also be very helpful when buying ping pong paddles online.

1) The Blackfoot-Indian On Arabian-Horse being chased
A life painting by Karl Bodmer of a Blackfoot warrior ca. (1840-1843) of a Blackfoot Indian armoured in deerskin, eagle feathers and dressed in war paint, as he holds a rifles and rides proudly on a white, beautified Arabian Horse, chased by a settler on the horseback saddle, with a different feather decor, bead and leather. This Arabic artwork is sure to make your ping pong paddle artsy and would be a sure pick if you want to buy ping pong paddle online.

The PINK HUMMINGBIRD is a sure bet for an artsy ping pong paddle, in its glamorous silhouette fine style of artwork. The Pink Hummingbird colours are of two tones of pink, and the hummingbird carries an age long symbol of life’s enjoyment and inner peace. Interestingly, the hummingbirds are known to travel great distances and also fly backwards. For a great choice when buying ping pong paddle online would be to go for the red Rubber Back with the beautiful custom printed pink hummingbird!

3) The Arabic Star-Shaped Pattern
Ping Pong Paddles couldn’t be any artsier than with the custom colourfully printed Arabic star-shaped pattern. The ping pong paddle can be customized one-sidedly, while the other layer features the thick rubber padded hitting surface. This is a sure pick and highly artsy for ping pong junkies who love a fanciful yet energetic game. Whilst sourcing for customised ping pong paddles online, get your eyes searching for the Arabic star-shaped pattern design!

4) The Arabian Horse-At-Sunrise
The famous horse in sunrise Arabic painting by Laurie Justus Pace features a landscape painting of a horse running into the sunrise settled with the skies on fire. The expressive abstract Arabian art has been highly sought after and is a big choice for artsy ping pong paddles. If you want to serve those points with gusto, here’s a great choice when buying online.

5) The Rainbow Arabian-Horse
The rainbow coloured Arabian horse painting by Angel Ciesniarska features an eye-catching artwork of an energetic beautiful horse adorned in beautiful rainbow coloured splatters. The horse generally has been the top choice for an artsy ping pong paddle and the rainbow coloured Arabian horse steals the hearts of tennis lovers and players. When buying ping pong paddles online, look out for it!

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