How To Make Shuffleboard More Enjoyable With Art

July 10, 2019


The fashion industry clearly defines the positive impact of art in creativity and innovation. In board gaming, there is also the use of art in the design as well as the artistic styles. Every race has their own art that defines them, Arabian have a touch of architectural designs while the Indian love fashion design. How best can you incorporate artwork on shuffleboard? Here are a few tips:

Customized boards

Instead of just plain shuffleboard why not choose a design for those shuffleboards that portray some artistic phenomenon. It will not have a negative impact on the game but it will promote the use of art in the innovation industry. Just like you may have customized cakes to suit any occasion, there are some of the artistic designs whether permanent or temporary that can be mounted on the games without compromising in the standard features of the shuffleboard.

Inclusion of color on the shuffleboards

Color and art are inseparable entities; in this sense, it is not an exception on board games. You can have a color matching component displayed on the board with some motivational quote to reduce monotony. If the game is played by children their favorite cartoons will be the best option. The significance of this is igniting the child’s mind to concentrate more now that their favorite cartoon series is incorporated in the game.

Incorporating the game in artistic events

Are you having an art event or a festival? As part of showing solidarity to this game, you can have a table or a separate area where people can enjoy the game. At the stand, the theme of the day can be displayed all over the board game as well as all other focal points. Apart from just playing the game, there are also other interesting events that are good for the participant’s eyes to crown the event.

Artistic designs on the dice to accompany the shuffleboard

Dice defines the route at which the game moves. You can move from the norm by including relevant artistic styles on the device but not deviating from the main function of the dice on the shuffleboard. There is power when you have a touch of art when playing the board games because sometimes you get bored when you just play the game without a touch of class.

Showcasing artistic skills on shuffleboard tournament

A tournament is a place where people meet and not everyone comes here to play. There are people who just come to watch, you can take advantage to love the game by having some shuffle games on board to just display the relevance that exists between art and shuffleboard.

Design for those shuffleboards

As long as you do not compromise on the standards in terms of the writings and the drawings, the shuffleboard can take any shape. What if they take the shape of a continent with some touch of color? What if you decide to use an architectural design based on a specific race. These are some of the ideas that you can use to incorporate the game with art.

It is evident that creativity and innovation is the driving force in the art industry. You have to think beyond the box on some of the additional features you may need to merge the two industries.

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